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Chris Elliott


Chris Elliott

Actor, Comedian, Writer (1960)

Chris Elliott

Performer and essayist Chris Elliott composed for and showed up on the David Letterman Show, winning four Emmy Awards for composing. He additionally featured in the clique satire arrangement Get a Life.

Chris Elliott Synopsis

Chris Elliott was conceived on May 31, 1960, in New York City. Child of Bob Chris Elliott, of the fruitful comedic radio show "Weave and Ray." Chris Elliott got a break when he met David Letterman, who contracted him a year later. Chris Elliott started showing up in and composing for the David Letterman Show and won four Emmys for composing. He proceeded to compose the sitcom Get a Life and has shown up.

Chris Elliott Early Life

Born Christopher Nash Elliott on May 31, 1960, in New York City, Chris Elliott is the child of Lee and Bob Chris Elliott, a Boston-conceived on-screen character and comic, in the past piece of the fruitful parody couple Bob and Ray. Growing up, Chris Elliott would visit his dad at the Graybar Building and watch the makings of the Bob and Ray radio program, where his dad and accomplice would joke forward and backward, arrange pastrami sandwiches, and after that record something and go home.

Chris Elliott did not head off to college, but rather landed a position as a visit direct at Rockefeller Center. David Letterman visited one day with his mom. Chris Elliott kidded with him, giving him a youngster value ticket, and name-dropped his father. After a year, Chris Elliott was procured as a sprinter on the David Letterman Show.

Chris Elliott Commerical Success

Chris Elliott's entertaining jokes at work grabbed Letterman's attention, and he started showing up on the show as repeating characters like "The Fugitive Guy" and "The Guy Under the Seats." He at that point wound up one of Letterman's journalists and earned four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Variety, Comedy or Music Program throughout the following 11 years. Chris Elliott proceeded to compose, create and star in his 1990 sitcom Get a Life. The show turned out in the meantime as Seinfeld, and Chris Elliott sat alongside Jerry Seinfeld on a plane and talking about how their shows would work out. (Chris Elliott's was off the air by 1992.) Chris Elliott then co-composed and featured in the 1992 film Cabin Boy, which had an unsuccessful fourteen-day run yet got him saw for other little parts on movies like Groundhog Day and There's Something About Mary. He joined the troupe cast of Saturday Night Live in its 1994-1995 season.

Other TV credits incorporate the voice of Dogbert on the show Dilbert and the job of Peter in the last three periods of Everybody Loves Raymond. Chris Elliott has had various visitor appearances on shows like King of Queens, According to Jim and How I Met Your Mother and has featured in the Adult Swim arrangement Eagleheart since February 2011. Likewise a writer, Chris Elliott co-composed with his dad the book Daddy's Boy: A Son's Shocking Account of Life with a Famous Father, distributed in 1989.

Chris Elliott Personal Life

Chris Elliott wedded Paula Niedert, an ability facilitator, on March 8, 1986. They have two little girls, Abby and Bridey. Abby chose to follow in the family strides to seek after a profession in satire. After only one semester at school, she dropped out and moved to Los Angeles, taking classes at the Groundlings and performing sketch satire at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. She has shown up as a cast part on Saturday Night Live since November 2008, turning into the third era of Chris Elliotts to show up on the show. Chris' second little girl, Bridey, likewise wants to enter parody one day.

The Chris Elliott family lives in Lyme, Connecticut, and has a home in Maine.


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