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Mark Consuelos


Mark Consuelos

Actor, Television Host (1971)

Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos is an American TV on-screen character and identifies who is best referred to for his job as Mateo Santos on 'Every one of My Children' and for being the spouse of anchorperson Kelly Ripa.

Who Is Mark Consuelos?

Born in 1971, Mark Consuelos is an American TV performing artist and identity whose star turn happened in 1995 when he was given a role as Mateo Santos in the cleanser musical drama All My Children. It was on the set that he met his future spouse-to-be Kelly Ripa and subtly stolen away with her in 1996. Amid and since leaving All My Children in 2010, Mark Consuelos has featured in undertakings like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and American Horror: Asylum. He has visitor co-facilitated with his significant other on her television show Live! with Kelly and quickly filled in as a live specialist on the Oprah Winfrey Show. All the more as of late, Mark Consuelos plays scalawag Hiram Lodge on The CW's Riverdale.

Mark Consuelos Early Life and Parents

Check Andrew Consuelos was conceived on March 30, 1971, in Zaragoza, Spain. He is the third and last conceived offspring of his Mexican dad, Saul, and his Italian mother, Camilla.

Mark Consuelos was brought up in both Lebanon, Illinois and later, Tampa, Florida. After secondary school, he went to the University of Notre Dame yet exchanged to the University of South Florida where he completed his examinations, graduating with a showcasing degree in 1994.

Mark Consuelos Movies and TV Shows

'All My Children'

Very quickly after school, Mark Consuelos handled his leap forward job on the cleanser musical drama All My Children in 1995. Playing Mateo Santos, the performer met and rapidly experienced passionate feelings for co-star Kelly Ripa, who played his adoration intrigue, Hayley Vaughan, on the show. 

After gathering Ripa out of the blue on set, Mark Consuelos reviewed: "The early introduction of my better half as — she was clearly amazingly lovely — however she was extremely entertaining, extremely savvy, extremely fast. I understood that on the off chance that I was ever to get into contention with her, I would lose each and every time." 

The two performers covertly stole away in Las Vegas in 1996. 

While on All My Children, Mark Consuelos showed up in an assortment of TV and film ventures including Friends (2001), Third Watch (2001, 2003), Hope and Faith (2005-2006), the war film The Great Raid (2005), the superhuman parody My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006) and Ugly Betty (2008).

'Talkshow Co-host'

Mark Consuelos likewise put on his syndicated program facilitating cap, consistently guesting with his significant other Ripa, who at this point was becoming well known as television show co-have with Regis Philbin on Live! with Regis and Kelly (2001-2011) — later named: Live! with Kelly (2011-2012, 2016-2017), Live! with Kelly and Michael (2012-2016) and most as of late, Live! with Kelly and Ryan (2017-present). 

Mark Consuelos likewise facilitated two NBC reality dating appears in 2007: Age of Love and Science of Love and later filled in as a specialist on the brief Fridays Live section on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

'American Horror Story: Asylum,' 'Riverdale'

In the wake of showing up in Law and Order: SVU, Mark Consuelos earned a visitor job on American Horror Story: Asylum (2012-2013) as a pedophiliac detainee called Spivey. 

In 2016 he depicted baseball group administrator Oscar Arguella in Fox's new dramatization Pitch, yet because of poor evaluations, the arrangement was dropped after one season. However, the performing artist would do well to fortunes the next year when he was given a role as tycoon lowlife Hiram Lodge (father to character Veronica Lodge) on The CW's hit high schooler cleanser Riverdale. 

"At first, I just play heroes. I played characters like Archie: the sweetheart, the legend that represents everything that is great. What's more, that is fun!" conceded Mark Consuelos in a meeting with Teen Vogue. "So I went from being the beau, so now the dad of the sweetheart, who doesn't care for the beau." 

Other than playing the miscreant for a change, what was Mark Consuelos' opinion about playing a Latin dad on the show? 

"I'm half Mexican, half Italian. In this way, I was dependable in this Neverland of... I wasn't generally 'Mexican enough'; I wasn't generally 'Italian enough.' It wasn't till I got somewhat more established that it truly delved in," Mark disclosed to Teen Vogue about inclination socially spoke to in popular culture. 

"I cherish the pattern that has been moving emphatically," he added about Hollywood's endeavors to be progressively comprehensive. "I believe that individuals would contend that it could presumably move somewhat quicker. What's more, there could be somewhat more portrayal."

Mark Consuelos Famous Wife and Kids

Mark Consuelos and Ripa have been hitched since 1996. Together, the couple has three youngsters: Michael (b. 1997), Lola (b. 2001), and Joaquin (b. 2003). 

In 2018 their oldest child, Michael, visitor featured as a more youthful variant of Mark Consuelos' Hiram Lodge character on Riverdale. 

"Well done to my child Michael on being given a role as the more youthful (and much better and great looking) Hiram. We are so pleased. Cherish you MJC #riverdale #bucketlist," composed Mark Consuelos on his Instagram.


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