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Larry Birkhead


Larry Birkhead

Photographer (1973)

Larry Birkhead

Larry Birkhead, ex of the late Anna Nicole Smith, is bringing up their little girl, Dannielynn, in the wake of affirming in 2007 that he's the young lady's organic father.

Larry Birkhead Synopsis

Larry Birkhead

Born on January 22, 1973, in Louisville, Kentucky, picture taker Larry Birkhead was impractically attached to the late server turned Playboy stick up/demonstrate turned beneficiary Anna Nicole Smith. After a much legitimate question, a DNA test demonstrated that Larry Birkhead is the dad of Smith's little girl, Dannielynn. Having full guardianship, the single parent is currently promising his little girl to follow in her mother's displaying strides.

Larry Birkhead Meeting Anna Nicole Smith

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 22, 1973, independent picture taker Larry E. Birkhead met Anna Nicole Smith at the 2004 Barnstable Brown Gala, a pre– Kentucky Derby gathering pledges party for diabetes explore. Smith was at that point renowned worldwide for being a one-time stripper and Playboy's 1994 "Companion of the Year," and for, at age 26, wedding 89-year-old Texas oil big shot J. Howard Marshall II. (She neglected to get any of her better half's bequest yet made bounty all alone through demonstrating and featuring on unscripted tv.) Larry Birkhead and Smith were once very genuine, as indicated by him; he guaranteed they lived respectively and were included amid her pregnancy. Be that as it may, Smith spun an alternate story to the press.

Larry Birkhead Paternity Battle

On September 26, 2006, Larry Birkhead was found napping when Smith freely broadcasted that the dad of her girl, Dannielynn (who was conceived 19 days sooner), was her legal advisor and close comrade, Howard K. Stern. Sure that Dannielynn was his, Larry Birkhead documented a formal paternity suit on October 2, 2006. The lawful case, Larry Birkhead v. Marshall (Smith's genuine last name), proceeded even after she deplorably passed on of an incidental medication overdose on February 8, 2007. Two months after her demise, DNA tests substantiated Larry Birkhead's case. In the long run, Stern and Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, submitted, as did Zsa Gabor's significant other, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, who likewise trusted he may have been Dannielynn's father.

Celebrity Single Dad

Today, Larry Birkhead is bringing his little girl up in the place where he grew up of Louisville, Kentucky. She'll be 7 out of 2013. Dannielynn acquired a considerable home from her mother; a few specialists gauge the adolescent's value at around $10 million. Larry Birkhead may support Dannielynn's monetary status considerably more with certain child-rearing choices. In 2012, he made them show for Guess—a move accumulating open reaction as being exploitive since her mom had displayed for a similar organization during the 1990s. A guarded Larry Birkhead clarified that it was a path for his youngster to associate with her expired mother. The single parent has demanded that he's committed to giving his daughter a "typical life."

Lately, Larry Birkhead's story was composed into the biopic The Anna Nicole Smith Story, airing on the Lifetime Movie Network in 2013; display/performer Donny Boaz was given a role as the gushing father in the film.


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